Treat Your Missing Teeth with a Dental Bridge at Our Vegas Dentist Office


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A lost tooth is no small problem, even if you are only missing one. An inconvenient gap may look unattractive, and it can also cause decay to surrounding teeth and to the affected gum area. You need to protect your current teeth while also replacing your missing one. And you need an affordable way to do it too. That’s why, if you live in Las Vegas, NV or the surrounding areas, you should get a dental bridge from Silverado Family Dental.

At Silverado Family Dental, you will find a professional team of experienced dentists ready to take care of your teeth. Together, we can find the right treatment for your missing tooth and prepare you for a dental bridge.

How Dental Bridges Work

Dental bridges replace your missing tooth with a pontic, an artificial tooth (often made of porcelain). The pontic is anchored in place with two abutments which attach to the teeth on either side of the gap in your teeth. To make sure the bridges stay secure, the teeth that hold the abutments will be fitted with crowns, which are cemented in place.

How You Can Replace Your Missing Tooth

When you have a missing tooth, you should always see a dentist. He or she can advise you on which treatments will meet your specific needs. If one of our dentists believes you should receive a dental bridge, they will use the following procedure to prepare your teeth:

    • First, your dentist will prepare your abutment teeth for a crown.
    • Next, your dentist will make a model of your teeth as they are, which a lab will use to create your bridge.
    • After the dentist makes you a model, you will receive a temporary bridge.
    • In your next appointment, you will receive your permanent bridge, which will be fitted over the course of a few more visits.

Once your fittings are done, your bridge will stay secured in place and allow you to chew and speak normally.

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