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Root CanalsThe words “root canal” can strike fear into the heart of any patient—but that’s because they haven’t experienced dental care from our compassionate, experienced dental team. Dr. R. Garth Harris is experienced in root canal treatment and helps make the experience comfortable.

Here at Silverado Family Dental, we’re committed to giving our patients fantastic dental care from a dentist you can trust. We will do everything we can to give you a healthy, beautiful smile that you can feel proud of. If you need a root canal or another dental procedure, we can help.

Pain-Relieving Root Canal Treatment

You may need a root canal if a tooth in your mouth is badly infected or decayed.

The bacteria in your tooth will sink down into the nerves in the root of the tooth. When this happens, you might experience excruciating pain or severe sensitivity while eating and drinking. In order to help you feel comfortable again, root canal treatment may be needed.

In a root canal procedure, Dr. Harris will use local anesthesia, and then clean away the decay so that the pain of your tooth’s damaged nerve will desist. Thereafter, Dr. Harris will seal the tooth to help prevent a new infection or furthering decay.

The root canal procedure is designed to help relieve you of pain and help you return back to normal life as quickly as possible. If you delay this procedure, you may continue to experience increased pain, swelling, and discomfort. We’d encourage you to come in as soon as your tooth begins to hurt.

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