Teeth Whitening Services

Teeth WhiteningThough you keep your teeth in good condition, you’ve always wanted to add some extra gleam to your enamel. You’ve tried store-bought whitening strips, but you haven’t seen the results you’d hoped for. Rather than spending money on a product that can’t truly deliver, why not turn to Silverado Family Dental for custom teeth whitening services?

Your Las Vegas, NV Dental Resource

At Silverado Family Dental, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services, including reliable teeth whitening. While our dentists serve to upgrade your already healthy smile, they also offer teeth whitening services to patients whose teeth are discolored or stained. Such staining can come as the result of:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Medication
  • Smoking
  • Eating disorders

When you visit our office, you’ll enter a comfortable setting and work with caring dentists and staff. We’ll take the time to identify your concerns, make a plan for your teeth whitening, and then administer the right treatment for you. We make your transition to shinier teeth easy through both take-home whitening trays and bleach gels.

Our Trustworthy Expertise

For nearly a decade and half, we’ve helped residents all over the Las Vegas Valley, including Silverado Ranch, NV. In that time, our patients’ concerns have been brought to experienced, willing dentists who’ve strived to improve oral health. Whether it’s bridges, root canals, cleanings, or whitening solutions, you—like our patients—can count on us to deliver.

We welcome families with children of all ages, as well as senior-aged visitors. You’ll enjoy our proficient scheduling services and same-day emergency response, should the need arise. However, our most important priority is your smile, and we want you to feel more confident as soon as you finish your appointment.

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