What to Do If My Dentures Break

You rely on your dentures for everything. You rely on them to help you chew that hearty steak or that tangy apple. You rely on them to help you smile with confidence. You also rely on them to support your jaw and keep it from deteriorating. So when your dentures break, you may feel panicked or even devastated.

Luckily our dentist can fix any kind of denture damage. However, you might have to wait some time for those repairs. Here’s what you can do to preserve what remains of your dentures in the meantime.

What Do I Do If a Tooth Broke Off?

Denturists make dentures out of solid materials, so you won’t often see the entire denture break. More likely, a tooth will chip or fall out. When this happens, the first thing you want to do is make sure you find the missing tooth.  Having the tooth makes it a much quicker fix.  Once you have located your tooth it is time to call your dentist so that your tooth can be repaired properly.

Despite some misconceptions, it is not a good idea to repair the tooth with superglue.  Using superglue makes it more difficult to repair the tooth precisely.   Using superglue is also a bad idea because it does not provide a very strong hold.  You will run the risk of your tooth breaking off once again, and next time the tooth might not be as easy to find.

What Do I Do If the Entire Denture Cracked?

This type of damage occurs more rarely. If this happens, do the following:

  • Remove the denture, especially if it has rough, jagged, or sharp edges.
  • Dry it off. See if the pieces still fit together snugly.
  • If they don’t, check for loose pieces in your mouth or on the floor around you.
  • Store the denture until you can see your dentist.

Also, schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. You’ll need his or her help to repair the damage.

Can I Fix a Cracked Denture Myself?

You shouldn’t fix any denture break by yourself. If you fix it yourself, you could not only damage your dentures further, but you could also damage your mouth. Using superglue slightly changes your denture’s size and fit, and the glue could bend over time, changing the fit further.

A denture that doesn’t fit can cause irritation, sores, and even problems with your jaw. Leave these repairs to the professionals at Silverado Family Dental so your dentures can continue to fit comfortably.