Your child’s tooth gets knocked out at soccer practice. You wake up with excruciating pain in the back of your mouth. Your spouse slips and cracks a tooth on the way down.

We know better than most that these dental emergencies happen when you least expect them. Let Dr. Harris and the staff of Silverado Family Dental help. We repair teeth and alleviate pain for patients from Las VegasHenderson, and Mountain’s Edge, NV. Your smile is safe in our hands.

Emergency Dental Services

Some people assume that a little pain in the gums or a chipped tooth isn’t anything to worry about. But fast treatment could be the difference between keeping or losing a tooth.

We provide prompt care for any dental emergency you encounter. If your tooth has been knocked out, chipped, broken, or if you are experiencing pain in your mouth, contact us immediately.

Tips for Dental Emergencies

Here are a few tips that may help in a dental emergency:

  • Knocked-out tooth: Keep the tooth moist (in a cup of milk or in your mouth) and get to our office right away.
  • Cracked tooth: Gently rinse your mouth with mouth wash and warm water. Visit our office before an infection occurs.
  • Toothaches: Rinse your mouth with mouth wash and warm water. Use floss if anything is stuck in your gums. Never use a sharp object to try and remove debris from between your teeth. Use an over-the-counter painkiller until you arrive at the dental office.

Above all, don’t wait to call us! We’ll accommodate you so we can save the tooth and eliminate pain.

Contact Us Today

We’re committed to the oral health of you and your family. Call us today at (702) 699-5551 to schedule your emergency dental care.

We serve patients in Southern Highlands, NV and throughout the Las Vegas area. You have every reason to keep smiling with the help of Silverado Family Dental!