Are Your Tooth Troubles Really a Dental Emergency?

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We understand. If you break a tooth or find that your gums are bleeding, you need the problem fixed, and you need it fixed now. At Silverado Ranch Dental, the effective and affordable dentist Las Vegas residents love, we offer emergency services to take care of painful situations right away.

In emergency care, we fix immediate, time-sensitive issues. Before scheduling an emergency appointment, determine if your situation has a pressing concern or if you should visit the dentist for a checkup for your entire mouth.

If you have a toothache . . .

Pain isn’t necessarily an indicator of an emergency. If the pain has been ongoing and is not relieved by a painkiller, call for a regular appointment, where we can troubleshoot the issue.
If your gums are bleeding . . .

Bleeding gums could indicate a serious condition like gum disease or something small like brushing too hard. It’s not a medical emergency, but you also shouldn’t ignore the problem. If bleeding in your gums or mouth has been consistent for over 20 minutes after applying pressure, see a dentist at Silverado Ranch immediately.
If you experience any swelling in your mouth . . .

This situation is an emergency, particularly if your face is swelling as well or if your eye or throat begins to close due to the swelling. The reason for this swelling could be an abscessed tooth.

If your tooth is broken or a filling has fallen out . . .

Save the pieces and seek emergency care. The longer you wait, the greater risk of infecting or further damaging the tooth.

If your tooth is completely knocked out . . .

In order to save what dentists call an avulsed tooth, you need to see a dentist immediately. Try to preserve the tooth by either carefully putting the tooth back in place or putting in a container of milk (or water with a pinch of salt).

Let a qualified dentist at Silverado Ranch solve your dental troubles and relieve your pain. Call (702) 699-5551.

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